Last updated 07/01/21

If you’re here, you probably already know what Cryptoart is. If you don’t, Matt Griffin wrote an excellent thread on twitter introducing it and the cryptoart wiki has got you covered for everything else.

Briefly, it’s the same as being a regular artist with the added benefit of being able to share and sell your art in a way you can control, using cryptocurrency.

The process of getting your art selling via the blockchain is quite opaque for those like myself who are not very blockchain savvy, so I’ve written this tutorial to make it all a bit clearer for artists. …

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WIP really neat spacey scene

I stumbled across Curtis Holts ‘Advanced Nebula’ tutorial on youtube a few weeks after purchasing the use of his generative structure plugin ‘BY-GEN’ for Blender, super recommend you do the same, fantastic resources.


Harrison Willmott

Critical comments on immersive experiences from an extended realities creative producer.

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